WaterMaster Clear Pumps

WMC1200 - WaterMaster Clear 1200gph Pump
WMC1740 - WaterMaster Clear 1740gph Pump
WMC2220 - WaterMaster Clear 2220gph Pump
WMC3960 - WaterMaster Clear 3960gph Pump

Water Master Clear Pump Series

The ideal choice for creating dramatic waterfalls and water features - at an affordable price point. Water Master Clear Pumps provide the high level of reliability and durability that professionals demand.

Utilizing the same wear -resistant, internal components as Savio's industry leading Water Master Solids series, Water Master Clear pumps trade solids handling capability for higher head pressures. Housings and and internal components are completely non-corrosive and oil-less for the safety of fish and plants.

From experience, we've learned when pumps fail due to mechanical issues, it's normally from water entering a pump's motor casing through worn impellar shafts, bad bearings, or worn seals. Savio Water Master Pumps feature heavy-duty sealed ball bearings, a ceramic-coated shaft for hardened wear resistance, and - virtually unheard of in the business - an innovative third lip seal on the impeller for maximum protection (the majority of pumps only use two). Our engineers have addressed it all - even built-in thermal protection to protect the pump in case of a low water condition.

Prior to leaving the factory, every single pump is subjected to testing to ensure reliable operation. The end product: a reliable design that provides an unbeatable combination of quality and low maintenance. CSA-approved for use in USA and Canada.

Savio Water Master Pump FAQs

My pump is running intermittently, what's wrong with it?

Thermal protection is engaged, and the pump is too hot. Wait until the pump has cooled and resume operation after checking for one or more of these issues: A foreign object may have jammed the impeller or blocked the intake – check the inlet and discharge for clogs and clean. If the pump was used in hot water, the water temperature should not exceed 95° F (35° C). And finally, if the pump ran dry, you need to fully submerge the pump during operation.

The pump is running but does not deliver water. How do I change that?

Water level may be under the suction minimum, so stop the pump and check water level. There may also be an air bubble in the pump, in which case you invert the pump to remove air bubble from the housing. If the discharge tube is clogged or obstructed you will need to disconnect the power, and remove the discharge tube and clean. Finally, if the pump is not priming, you will need to verify pump inlet is submerged in water.

My pump does not run – how do I fix this?

The pump may not be plugged in, so check to see if the power plug needs to be connected. Or, the impeller may be jammed. Disconnect the power cord, disassemble the lower housing and check to see if the impeller is free to run.

Water Master Clear Pumps Warranty

Savio Engineering, Inc. provides a manufacturer's limited warranty of 24 months from original purchase date.

Warranty is non-transferable. Within the warranty period Savio will repair materials with manufacturing deficiencies at their discretion. This warranty does not cover any faults caused by improper use, installation and handling of the device or as a result of wear and tear. Cutting the power cord or ground pin voids warranty.

Savio Engineering, Inc. does not assume liability for consequential damage caused by the failure of the Savio Water Master Pumps™. Warranty is void if the product is not used in accordance with instructions. To submit a warranty claim please click here.