Savio Black Foam

Black Foam™. It's so easy to work with - simply shake, point, and fill - for beautiful, fuller waterfalls

Shake, Point, & Fill

How do you build a waterfall that looks like it was created by a professional? Two words. Black Foam. It's so easy to work with - simply shake, point, and fill - for beautiful, fuller waterfalls.

Expanding Black Foam re-directs waterflow over rocks, filling in cracks and voids to create a professional-looking waterfall. You know how it works: the rockwork is in place, but the flow of water refuses to cooperate. Grab a can of Black Foam, fill in the gaps, and you've got that picturesque "curtain effect." Also helps secure stone edging and contain gravel on bog shelves.

This is no residential construction foam. It's a professional-grade, expanding cellular polymer made expressly for water gardening. Savio Black Foam contains high carbon content for increased outdoor UV resistance and long-term durability. The formulation is closed cell, and will not harden or shrink. Ready to trim in less than an hour, it blends discretely into liner and rock, and bonds easily to rockwork. Powerful propellant and efficient can design deliver 750 cubic inches of cured foam - that's an impressive bead of foam ½' in diameter and 575' long. Applicator included - no additional parts to buy, or lose.

Product Codes

Black foam 12oz with straw applicator - BF350
Black foam 16oz with straw applicator - BF400
Black foam cartridge 24oz - BF500
Black foam gun applicator steel - BF510
Black foam gun applicator plastic - BF510P
Black foam gun cleaner 6oz - BF514
Black foam gun cleaner 12oz - BF515
Black foam gun cleaner 20oz - BF520

Savio Black Foam FAQs

Can I use Black Foam for more than one application?

Savio's Black Foam comes in a 16 oz can made for one-time use, with one applicator included. If you are a professional water feature builder, we highly recommend using the Savio Black Foam Gun System; a two-part product consisting of a reusable applicator gun and 24 oz cartridge. While the initial investment is higher, the cartridge system allow you to use every last drop of foam in the container and direct foam application with great precision.

There is an area that looks puffier and bigger than I wanted - what now?

No worries. Just wait for 24 hours and simply trim it off.

How do I get the most 'distance' out of my Black Foam can - any tricks?

The best way to apply Black Foam, and get the most out, is to turn it upside down when applying - always invert.

What is the best way to keep Black Foam off my hands during installation?

The best way of keeping Black Foam off of your hands is to wear gloves. We're not going to kid you here - it can be tough to get off, once in contact with skin. So take preventative measures and wear gloves.

Material Safety Data Sheet
Savio Black Foam

Product Description: Savio Black Foam is a moisture curing urethane foam packaged in pressurized cans. The propellants are incompliance with the Montreal Protocol and are not CFC’s.

Section II Hazardous Ingredients
Chemical Name: Diphenylmethane 4.4 disocyanate (MDI)
CAS Number: 101-68-8
% age: 5-10
TLV: 0.005 ppm

Dimethyl Ether
CAS Number: 115-10-6
% age: 2.5-10
TLV: 1000 ml/m³

CAS Number: 74-98-6
% age: 2.5-10
TLV: 1000 ml/m³

CAS Number: 106-97-8
% age: 2.5-10
TLV: 1000 ml/m³

CAS Number: 811-97-2
% age: -
TLV: Dupont AEL 1000 ppm

Section III Physical Data
Appearance: Viscous liquid that, upon release from the container, becomes a black colored foam.
Odor: Weak odor during curing stage

Section IV Fire & Explosion Data
Boiling Point: N/A as aerosol
Gravity: Approx. 1.1 g/cm³
Flash Point: N/A as aerosol
Vapor Pressure: at 20*C79.8 psi (5.5 bar) -87 psi (6 bar)
Water Solubility: Fresh and cured foam insoluble.
Explosion Data: Product is not explosive, however, formation of explosive air/ steam mixtures is possible