Livingponds 070 Filter

F070 Livingponds 70 Filter

Savio Livingponds® Filters harness the natural dynamics of moving water. Their carefully engineered cylindrical design puts pond water into a self-cleaning, highly dynamic ®spin cycle®. This process removes the heaviest debris before it gets to the filter media and ensures that the water is evenly distributed throughout the entire filter chamber. The net result is a filter that operates nearly 3x more effectively than those inefficient square filters!

Pond Filter Pond Filter

Meet the smallest member of the Livingponds® lineup - the Savio Livingponds® Filter 070.

A small filter with big backyard appeal, the '070' is a filter for a pond up to 700 gallons or the perfect intermediate-size filter to complement a Savio Skimmerfilter® for ponds up to 2,200 gallons. Ready to keep your water clear, while creating a beautiful waterfall, this Livingponds® filter comes equipped with two medium density filter pads and ceramic media. Finished with a 16" spillway, heavy duty media grate and 3" Inlets on either side.

Livingponds 070 Filter Warranty

Savio Engineering, Inc. provides a manufacturer®s limited warranty of 5 years from original purchase date. Warranty is non-transferable. Within the warranty period Savio will repair materials with manufacturing deficiencies at their discretion. This warranty does not cover any faults caused by improper use, installation and handling of the device or as a result of wear and tear. Warranty is void if the product is not used in accordance with instructions. For warranty claims, please click here

F070 Filter Accessories

BX21 - Replacement Box

RF023 - Media Grate

RF024 - 3" Plug

RF025 - Replacement Filter Media

RF026 - Faceplate Screws

RF027 - 16" Spillway

RF032 - Replacement Ceramic Media

RF033 - Media Bag

APLSS40 - Hose Clamps 3 to 2 1/16

ADP1436020 - 2" Male Adapter

ADP438338 - 3" x 2" Reducer Bushing

ADP1436251 - 2" X 1 1/2" Male Adapter

Replacement Filter Pad for F070

F070 manual